Pods Chocolate Filled Mars, 160g


Pods Chocolate Filled Mars..

Pods Chocolate Filled Snickers, 160g


Pods Chocolate Filled Snickers..

Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter Candy, 170g Bag


Reese's Pieces, oh, you can never go wrong. These delicious peanut butter candies in a crunchy shell..

Reese's Pieces Theater Box, 113g


Grab a bag of REESE'S PIECES Candy for the deliciously unmistakable REESE'S Peanut Butter taste in a..

Whittaker's Berry & Biscuit 250g


Made with mixed fruits including strawberry, raspberry, cherry and blackcurrant.All natural colour a..

Whittaker's Chocolate Block White Macadamia 250g


A premuim quality milk chocolate made with 30% whole milk and finest batch roasted west african coco..

Whittaker's Dark Peppermint Chocolate Mini Slabs


Tasty morsels of creamy chocolate! Don’t you just adore the heavenly combination of crisp peppermint..

Whittaker's Hawkes bay braeburn apple with vanilla


Batch No.1 Hawkes Bay Braeburn Apple with Vanilla - in White Chocolate 28% Cocoa Whittaker's For Ge..

Whittaker's Jelly Tip Block


28% Cocoa & 33% Cocoa It's about as close as you'll get to the Kiwi classic without he blob of ice ..

Whittaker's Kaitaia Fire Chili pepper spice


Batch No.5 Kaitaia Fire Chili Pepper Spice - in Dark Chocolate 50% Cocoa Whittaker's For Generation..

Whittaker's L&P White Chocolate Mini Slabs


Fizzy white chocolate! Froth at the mouth with the fizzy drink infused L&P White Chocolate Mini Sla..

Whittaker's Marlborough sea salt and caramel brittle


Batch No.2 Marlborough Sea Salt and Caramel Brittle - in Milk Chocolate 33% Cocoa Whittaker's For G..

Whittaker's Milk Caramel Block 250g


Whittaker smooth flowing caramel encased in their creamy milk chocolate. Once opened this block is n..

Whittaker's Milk Hokey Pokey Block 250g


Hokey Pokey is one of Whittakers newer flavours. The hokey pokey has a rich golden colour with a lig..

Whittaker's Milk Peanut Butter Block 250g


This new Whittakers flavour is a taste bud sensation. Delicious smooth peanut butter filling in deli..

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